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Before 1921, there were only 20 cases of endometriosis with dysmenorrhea in the entire world wide medical literature. Now, endometriosis accompanied by dysmenorrhea is found in 1 out of 20 women in the USA. And mainstream medical endometriosis treatment is NOT very successful.

The Endometriosis Association found that rhesus monkeys given very low level dioxin developed endometriosis 10 years later!

The 1997 Herman-Giddens study showed that 15% of girls aged 8 and 5% of girls aged 5 are sprouting breast buds and pubic hair in the USA. Time magazine October 30, 2000 implicated chemical estrogens (xenoestrogens) as one possible cause of this early puberty. If you visit a middle school in the USA, you will find that the girls on the average are more sexually mature than 20 years ago.

The breast cancer rate in the 1950's was 1 out of 20. In 1989, the breast cancer rate was 1 out of 11. In 2005, the breast cancer rate was 1 out of 8, in the USA. Most breast cancers are stimulated to grow by estrogen.

The white sucker fish male to female ratio above the sewage outfall in the Colorado Platte river is 1:1 with no hemaphrodites. However, below the sewage outfall, the white sucker fish male to female ratio is 1:10 with 10% hemaphrodites.

What do these factoids have to do with your endometriosis and your dysmenorrhea menstrual pain?

These factoids suggest that your endometriosis and your dysmenorrhea menstrual pain is caused by chemical environmental estrogens (xenoestrogens).


So what do you do?

1. Avoid chemicals that act like estrogen (xenoestrogens) to stop stimulating dysmenorrhea.

Take Natural Progesterone!

Natural Progesterone counteracts the Chemical Estrogens.

Your doctor will tell you that pregnancy cures or retards endometriosis. Pregnancy is the favorite endometriosis (with dysmenorrhea) treatment of mainstream physicians. Why? Pregnancy produces the hormone Natural PROGESTERONE. "Pro" means "for." "Gesterone" means "gestation." So Natural Progesterone means "for gestation." Normally, during the second half or your period, your body produces 20 mg/day of Natural Progesterone. Normally, your body produces 400 mg/day of Natural Progesterone during one day of third trimester pregnancy.

Estrogen tells the endometriosis/dysmenorrhea cells to make more baby endometriosis/dysmenorrhea cells or proliferate.

Natural Progesterone tells the endometriosis/dysmenorrhea cells to STOP making baby endometriosis/dysmenorrhea cells and grow up.

What does it mean that pregnancy stops your endometriosis (with dysmenorrhea)?

It means that you should fool your body that it is pregnant by taking Natural Progesterone!

Natural PROGESTERONE CAUSES your Dysmenorrhea to STOP.

So what do you do?

2. Take Natural Progesterone. NOT synthetic prescription progesterone!

Natural Progesterone

And a list of estrogenic chemicals to avoid.


Synthetic Doctor Prescribed Progestins Versus
Natural Progesterone

OB/GYNS that specialize in fertility (there are only 3-4 of these in a city of 1 million) routinely use Natural Progesterone to prevent 1st trimester miscarriage. These fertility doctor specialists do NOT use brand name synthetic Progestins. Why? Brand name synthetic Progestins cause Birth Defects. Natural Progesterone does NOT cause Birth Defects. Natural Progesterone is the exactly the same bioidentical hormone that your body produces. Need we say more?

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"My long blonde hair stopped falling out in big globs in the shower. ..."
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If Natural Progesterone is so wonderful, why isn't it used by my doctor ?

This is the most common favorite question I get. The answer in a nutshell is MONEY. The drug representitive that pushes drugs on doctors gets paid $60,000 - $100,000 per year. It costs $100 million to test a drug. This means that the drug company must have a monopoly to charge high prices. This means they must patent the drug. This means the pharmaceutical company must modify the natural hormone to patent it.

John Lee, MD had this to say.

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"Patients are aware that they cannot leave their health care solely in the hands of the doctor. They must assume responsibility for their own health...." Dr. John R. Lee, California, USA.
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